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Course Description:
Welcome to one of the comprehensive ever course on Accounting Basics.

This course starts from “What is Accounting”, “Need for Accounting” to various Practical aspects in Accounting with 100s of Case Studies. Enjoy lectures for each and every concept in accounting presented in digital hand written format and excel based presentation followed by Solved Case Studies Video.

New videos are being added at frequent intervals and this course will be the longest one in Accounting soon with 29 Hours On Demand Video.

Welcome to Accounting Basics - A Complete Study Course! This is one of the comprehensive course in Fundamentals of Accounting covering theory as well as practice.

In this course, you will learn Fundamentals of Accounting, step by step covering the following:

Section 1: Introduction to Accounting;

Section 2: Book Keeping;

Section 3: Accounting – Objectives and Process;

Section 4: Accountancy, Accounting and Book Keeping;

Section 5: Technical Terms in Accounting

Section 6: Accounting Assumptions, Concepts and Principles

Section 7:Double Entry System

Section 8: Basic Accounting Procedures\

Section 9: Rules for Debit and Credit

Section 10: Journalising Process

Section 11: Ledger

Section 12: Subsidiary Books covering Sales and Purchases Books

Section 13: Purchase Returns and Sales Returns Books

Section 14: Cash Book

Section 15: Bills of Exchanges and Related Books

Section 16: Journal Book / Journal Proper

Section 17: Trial Balance

Section 18: Errors in Accounting

Section 19: Case Studies in rectification of errors

Section 20: Bank Reconciliation Statement

Section 21: Final Accounts

Section 22: Accounts from Incomplete Records (Single Entry System)

Section 23: Accounting for Partnership - Admission of New Partner

Section 24: Accounting for Partnership - Retirement of Partner

Section 25: Company Accounts I

Section 26: Company Accounts II

Section 27: Comprehensive Quiz

This course is structured in self paced learning style.

Video lectures are used for delivering the course content.

Take this course to create strong foundation in fundamentals of accountancy.

Note: Course curriculum is set in Indian Background. Instructor speaks English (Indian) accent. Listen to accent and ensure you could follow before buying this course.