The Ultimate CAT 2021 Course

₹ 16,000

Who should choose Quantifiers?

  1. If you’re someone who needs handholding, a constant push, or you’re easily distracted from goals?
    We at Quantifiers are proactive solution providers for all of these common challenges. Personal attention is always been our forte, and will always be, focusing on your goals more than you will do.
    Other institutes have ~600-700 students in a single batch: you’ll be just one among many, here at Quantifiers, you’ll be identified, talked to and you’ll feel home.
    We don’t just say, we do it with our actions.

  2. Pedagogy – 4 Teaching faculties with a combined work ex of more than 45 years, we @Quantifiers ensure that learning should never stop.
    Rudra Sir – M.SC Maths (Coaching CAT Students since 2003)
    Sahil Arora – MBA, UBS, PU ((CAT 2014 – 97.44%ile, 99.12 in QA+DI, Coaching CAT students since 2013)
    Naveen Sir – B.Tech, SSC Topper (Coaching CAT Aspirants Since 2010)
    Quant (QA): Are you weak in maths? Do you fear Maths? If you do, you’ve landed at a perfect place, Each and every topic is covered from very-very basic, and we assume that you know counting and basic Mathematics, nothing else. All relevant speed shortcuts and important CAT concepts will be taught in more than detail and just in case you’re good at Maths, we assure you that you will learn things that you haven’t envisaged(We are pretty good at challenging people 😉). We plan to dedicate ~250 hours @Quant
    Syllabus will complete in 4-5 months.

    DILR: We have designed a revolutionary 600 DILR sets which will propel you ahead of the competition. . Keeping in mind, the previous papers, syllabus is categorized into categories that emphasize more on exam-oriented sets.If you think puzzles and LR are not your forte, don’t worry, we are the final piece you needed to cover that slot. We plan to dedicate ~250 hours @DILR
    VA: With the complexity of VA increasing coupled with the changing pattern, we will be covering so much diversity, you’ll see no surprises in the exam. We plan to dedicate ~150 hours @VA

    Remember one thing, there is ample material available on internet to learn, but to have someone who will guide you at every moment like your “Buddy”, not the nagging one but the inspirational one, here is role of Quantifiers comes and the response we have received is testimony to that.!!!