Physics - CLASS XII PART - 1 (Revised edition)

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I am very pleased to present the first ever eBook on CBSE Physics (Part I). What prompted me to publish this eBook is the positive feedback which I received from about three thousand three hundred students and two hundred Physics teachers in the last one year to whom I have sent these notes. About six hundred students wanted to purchase the printed book but I couldn't get the book printed due to my busy schedule. This is the first eBook because it covers all topics mentioned in CBSE Physics syllabus. It is not a collection of some topics converted into PDF and posted online as 'eBooks'. It is a complete book in itself. So, you can rely on it completely. Another advantage of this eBook is its portability. You can read it on a number of devices. Sufficient number of questions and solved examples are given at the end of important topics. This gives an idea of the possible questions based on that particular topic. Their answers and solutions are provided at the end of each chapter. Solved Exercises and unsolved Additional Exercises are also given at the end of each chapter. Some Higher Order Thinking questions (HOTS) are also included in each chapter. To score good marks in Physics, students are advised to cover all topics and understand the idea behind the solved examples given at the end of these topics. Solving a numerical problem becomes easier if the theory is understood thoroughly.