Online Course 15: Fresh Fruit Travel Cakes

₹ 2,000

Fresh Fruit Travel Cake

⚜️Who can join?
Anyone, who is passionate about baking. This cake is highly sought after and is successfully sellable:)

⚜️What Baking Equipments & Ingredients do I need?
Pure Basics that’s commonly available, contains egg

Fee ₹2000
3% Convenience Charges will be levied during the purchase, if you want to skip it please write to us on whatsapp +919538011185` directly

⚜️How to access?
❥ This virtual class contains a set of pre-recorded and “to the point” videos, lets you learn without being bored
❥ Lifetime access to watch any number of times
❥ Class will be available at www.cccbyjeyadra

Here’s the syllabus for this course
❥ Understanding Baking
❥ Basic Rules of Baking
❥ Commodities used in Baking
❥ Understanding Leavening
❥ Trouble-Shooting

🔆 Module1: Working with fresh fruits in baking
1. Two different fruit cooking methods
2. Processing fresh fruits for decoration and to use in baking
3. Understanding types of fruits to use in baking
4. Methods to increase shelf life
5. Fruit Classification that lets you understand usage
6. Availablity and understanding locally available fruits

🔆 Module2: Baking
1. Baking a rich and decadent cake that will stay fresh on the counter
2. Easy batter with commonly available ingredients
3. Fool proof recipe which is able to withstand mistakes or damages
4. Flexible recipe allows you to adapt multiple variations and taste components

🔆 Module3: Baking & Assembly
1. Use of right bakeware, temperatures and understanding baking time
2. Understanding and learning to use your oven
3. Assembling the cake with fresh fruits to achieve even fruit placement on every slice of cake
4. Methods to retain moisture in the cake for longer duration

🔆 Module4: Fruit Preserve/Jams
1. You will learn how to make a fruit preserve in the shortest possible way
2. Smart techniques and ideas
3. Plyable recipe that lets you create and reuse for other fruits

4. Learning consistencies for application
5. No preservatives or chemicals used
6. Storage and shelf life

🔆 Module5: Finishing/Decoration

⚜️ What are the Benefits of Online Class?
1. You will receive a Printable Recipe Booklet
a. Fresh Plum Travel Cake
b. Tropical Cherry Travel Cake
c. Cherry & Plum jam
d. Variations for 3 other fruits
2. 10 day Focussed Mentorship on Whatsapp
3. Textual Instructions for Adaptation for other fruits
4. Variations for other fruits jams

After the payment write to us here with the screenshot of the payment

⚜️ What’s the class format?
The class will be taught through an exclusive pre recorded video. Allowing you to watch from anywhere anytime or anyday. Class will be available from 2 Aug 2020 onwards

⚜️What’s the validity?
We give you a lifetime validity to watch the videos n number of times. So every time you have a doubt you can always come back and learn

⚜️ Is the class live?
No, the class is a quality pre recorded video.

Fees once paid will not be refunded, adjusted or carried forward for any other class online or offline
Convenience Charges will be levied during the purchase, if you want to skip it please write to us on whatsapp +919538011185`