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Welcome to Spirit of Islam,
A monthly magazine for global peace and spiritual living.

This is a magazine for the discerning individual, who is seeking answers to the most basic questions of life and beyond—questions that have always confronted us, which we have largely ignored as we continue our race for material gain, questions such as:

• Why am I here?
• What will happen to me after I die?
• What is my purpose in life?
• Why is there so much injustice and pain in this world?
• Is there any meaning in life?
• Did this Universe happen by chance or was it created, and if so, by whom?
Through the pages of this magazine, we hope to take you on a spiritual journey to help you find answers to such questions and to discover our Creator, in order to achieve total peace and a God-oriented life.

We present concepts of peace and spirituality, wisdom from the learned, and guidance from the Creator, from the scriptures and the teachings of the prophets, reflecting on timeless questions and on contemporary issues. Open-minded seekers of Truth will find in the magazine much food for thought. Spirit of Islam is based on principles of revelation and reason, with a particular emphasis, as its name suggests, on the spirit of Islam, rather than on form or ritual.

We hope and pray that Spirit of Islam will help promote peace and harmony among the global human family.

The Spirit of Islam team