Trauma CARE

Min ₹ 500

Trauma care is at the heart of our work. We take in hundreds of distressed animals every month that are brought in from the streets either through our ambulance service or from people who have rescued them. 90% of the animals that come in with life threatening conditions. Our team of dedicated vets and carers tend to these animals, provide them with life saving medical treatment and love so that they recover to be happy and healthy! Some of our animals are even put up for adoption!
We believe that every animal deserves the best, whether they live in our homes as pets or on the street. Your support will allow us to continue to provide injured, abused or neglected street animals with a safe place to receive the best medical attention that often only house pets have access to. In the future, we hope to provide them with even better, state of the art medical attention so that many more precious lives are saved.