CARE for More.

Min ₹ 100

As we grapple with the ever increasing number of community dogs suffering from illnesses and injuries on the streets of Bangalore, there is a pressing need to expand the availability of medical care to prevent avoidable suffering and deaths among them.
The way forward, is to find constructive solutions, in order to circumvent this entirely preventable cause of morbidity, subsequent suffering and mortality. CARE seeks to further solidify and strengthen our currently existing health care facility in order to accommodate more dogs, so no dog has to die in wait of simple, effective, life saving treatment options. This expansion involves the setting up of a new exclusive isolation facility and increased capacity in the trauma care unit.
Simply speaking, this expansion of CARE has the potential to make a difference to the lives of 200 dogs on any given day.

The way forward to ensure that no dog is left behind is to push our boundaries, thereby inching closer to achieve our goal of universal coverage for our city’s dogs.
We need to raise Rs 50,00,000/- for this and we need to do it now.
We need your help, so together we can ensure that there is #nodogleftbehind and we can #CareForMore !