Sponsor a Day's Feed

₹ 2,500

To mark a special or significant day in your life, you can sponsor a day's feeding of all the animals at CARE by contributing Rs 2500/-.
Whether it's a birthday or anniversary that you are celebrating, or a day that marks the memory of the passing on of a near and dear one, you can choose to mark your special day by contributing towards a day's feed of all the shelter animals.

Donations made to CARE are exempt U/s 80G of the Income Tax Act vide order number DIT (E) BLR/80G/G-39/AABTC4700C/ITO(E) – 1/vol. 2013-14/MANUAL dt.14.6.2013.

For more details , write to <charliescareblr@gmail.com> or call 9483911110