Sponsor a Kitty Kit

₹ 3,000

Care has created Kitty Kits - a foster care kit for kittens under our Cat Foster Program.
This kit contains a
Basket with Diaper sheets(10), Feeding bottle in case of neonates,
Wet wipes, bowls (2), toys(2), Lactol/Goats gold/Lactogen1 in case of neonates, Whiskas kitten Tuna in Jelly pouches, Digyton and Immunol Tonics, OneBC Oral suspension and a baby blanket.

The aim of the Care Foster Program is to provide a safe environment under the care of individual fosters for younger, unvaccinated kittens to grow and thrive, after which they are put up for adoption at the shelter.
The Cat Foster Program increases the survival rate of kittens significantly, thereby helping us save and rehome more of them.

Each Kitty Kit costs Rs 3000/- approximately. Please sponsor a kit and help us save more lives.