Stray Happy - The Stray Animal Feeding Initiative

Pay What You Want

Kudroli World has tied up with CARE to help stray animals survive this phase of absolute chaos. The lockdown has affected our daily lives and the lives of the lakhs of strays , who predominantly depend upon the leftovers of restaurants and eateries. To make it worse, it is summer, and they do not even have access to water to quench their thirst. As a result, most of them will be dehydrated and starving, making them prone to illnesses and accidents. The old ones especially will not be able to make it through this difficult time.
All of us at some point in our lives have experienced hunger, and must recognize that it now more important than ever to co exist with our community animals and show some humanity.
As we line up and stock groceries for ourselves for the forthcoming days of lockdown, approximately 3.09 lakh stray dogs in Bangalore continue to be unsure of their next meal depending on feeders. CARE will be identifying feeders in different parts of Bangalore and providing them with food to cater to the strays.
It is time, that we come together and help more dogs get their daily meals.
Please donate & share.
Donations made to CARE are exempt U/s 80G of the Income Tax Act.