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Digital Diva 90 Day Planner

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A productivity hack for the Divas. Most of the times, when we don't accomplish our targets and goals, is because we feel a sense of lethargy and tiredness, even physical sickness. This leads to our logical mind telling us to not d things / tasks that would take use closer to our goals, no matter how critical it is for us to achieve those goals.

We just never FEEL like it. Without outwardly realising it, our emotions are holding us back, keeping us caged, shackled to pursue that idea which will make our dreams a reality.

We FEEL depressed, we FEEL angry, we FEEL overwhelmed, we FEEL wronged, we FEEL tired, we FEEL exhausted, we FEEL numbness, we FEEL doubtful and all these feelings keep us exactly where we are.

To ACCOMPLISH and manifest our goals into reality, we need to FEEL JOYFUL AND GRATEFUL.

How do we get from a place of depression to a place of CREATION. Well, we can't fix something that we cannot measure. This 90 day planner allows you to monitor your EMOTIONS every single day so that you can take measures to move UP on the emotional scale.

It has been scientifically proven that our brain is able to remember things better when we write them down. This planner asks of you to not only mark how you feel that day, but write down why you feel that way and what can you do immediately to move up on the emotional scale.

This planner also asks you to write down your Life Mission Statement daily, so that you refine it even further and keep reminding yourself, why you are doing what you are doing.

There is a place where you need to write your Quarterly income goal and your life income goal, again to feed to your subconscious mind, your ideal income goal, so that it starts making plans on achieving it.

Instead of becoming an octopus and doing multiple things at one time, this planner only asks you to list down that ONE project that you want to work on today. It asks you WHY this project is important and what STEPS to take to accomplish that project.

If you are like me, who gets engrossed in one project to lose track of time, there is a 6 AM to 8 PM to do list, where you note down your appointments and reminders for today.

There is a daily non-negotiable list that every DIGITAL DIVA must follow, and there is a check list which reminds divas to complete those non negotiable tasks of the day.

Last but not the least, The planner asks you to list down reasons why YOU ARE AWESOME. We do so much and we give so little credit to ourselves for accomplishing those things. We look to other people to give us a pat on the back and we get disappointed when they don't. Not anymore. You give yourself a reminder of the same. You also list down your YESTERDAY's accomplishments to give yourself fair credit of your hard work.

This is a A4 Size hard bound 90 days planner because lasting millionaire habits take time to become permanent success habits.