Positivity Planner

  • Ships within 2 days

The Positivity Planner is more than just a pretty book with sections for appointments and to-do lists. It’s a life system that helps you align your thoughts, words and action. When you subscribe to the Positivity Planner System you receive:

  1. Four planners with my personal positivity system – one for every quarter. Yes, I always work on a 90 day plan.
  2. Videos explaining every aspect of my system and teaching you how to implement them in your life through the Positivity Planner. It’s time to build some strong mindsets.
  3. Three Meditation voice notes for Grounding, Cord Cutting and Manifestation.
  4. And lots of bonus goodies every time we send you your planner for the next quarter.

The price includes cost of shipping. You will receive 4 books which will be shipped separately (one every quarter).

P.S. - Shipping within India only. For shipping outside India, please email at <chetna@circleofpositivity.com>