6 Months CivilsDigest + PrelimsDaily: Mega Combo [Coverage: May'17 to Oct'17]


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Dear students,

Up till a few months back, this Mega Combo bundle was being made available at 985 INR for 6 months. It comprised:

  1. News & Op-ed summaries from Hindu, Express, PIB
  2. Prelims Daily Questions + Explanations inspired from our summarised news in point #1

Around 4,000+ students subscribed to us and benefitted from our news analysis.

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Encouraged by your love and trust, this time we are slashing the price by 90% to just 99 INR with a hope that it becomes affordable for everyone.

If you can afford a cup of tea a week, you can surely afford to part with 99 INR for a 6 month high intensity PDF combo.

Subscribing to this combo will go a long way in ensuring that we continue our content curation initiatives with as much zeal and dedication as you go daily for your UPSC Prep.

Subscription Start Date: July 2017
First Bundle: Mega Combo - May 2017
Last Bundle: Mega Combo - Oct 2017

How will I get these PDFs after subscription?

Once you subscribe, check for an email from instamojo. It will contain a Dropbox link + password which you will need to access the folder every month at around 10th-11th or so.


What is covered in the combo?

All news, op-ed snaps, PIB releases that we publish daily on our website and app. To know how we curate news and make it highly practical for you with our N4S and B2B, click here to read for free

All Prelims Daily questions which we create out of previous day's newscards. Click here to read through the archives

Is this the same magazine which your Flagship/ Advanced TS students get?

Well, it used to be. But this time they will get this bundle + (still in process) exclusive compilations.

Our Prelims TS students used to get the same monthly bundle for FREE but since UPSC has shifted gears and become more agile with current affairs + static study material linkages, we are in process of conceiving an issue based magazine with Mains & Prelims level linkages for our FLAGSHIP and ADVANCED students. This would be exclusive to our TS students.

If you wish to subscribe to our TS, you are welcomed to do that here