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The only daily answer writing program that you’ll ever need.

Daily Answer Writing for Mains has always been a point of contention at Civilsdaily. Essentially, it suffered from the following issues that made it a bad deal for the students.

Forming questions from today’s news – Questions asked in UPSC are generally on an overarching theme. Very rarely will you find a question based on one single op-ed or news item?
Repetition of questions – As an issue updates with time, the answers become obsolete. That is why it is more important to frame questions on issues when 3-4 articles have already been written on them.

Moreover, the issue that we see with other platforms is that they post similar questions every 2nd 3rd day. Follow the example at the end to understand what we are talking about

Quality of both questions and answer checking – If we are making questions every day, they will not be intelligent. They will come directly from op-ed/news headings.
The unreliability of peer reviews – Peer reviews cannot be relied upon and show a lot of variabilities. It is very important that you get feedback from someone experienced when it comes to your style, content, and presentation.

However, we have come to realize that many students do see a value in practicing questions every day. It keeps the momentum going and incrementally builds a database of answers that can be used as an easy reference during revision.

So we have tried to create a program that is truly effective.

  1. An experienced team with years of experience in Mains will head this initiative.

  2. We will ask 4 questions every day covering GS 1,2,3,4. Questions will cover both the contemporary and static parts. 1 question will be from ethics. Questions will not be specific or formed from op-ed titles. Instead, they will be broad-based aligned with the UPSC pattern.

  3. There will be a guaranteed review of the answers written by the paid subscribers. Review of free subscribers will depend on the time available with mentors. Priority will be given to students who engage in peer reviews. 

4. Approach and Model answer to be published and will be accessible to all. 

  1. Free Monthly AWE Magazine with questions and sample solutions.

Program Details

  1. The program will operate on the Weekdays. Saturdays and Sundays will be reserved for reviews.

  2. We will follow a monthly cycle. Meaning you enroll for a particular month. If you join on the 9th of January, you will have access to the month of January from the first day to the last day of January. It will NOT be from 9th January to 9th February. You will be expected to manage the time to submit the answers for the days you’ve missed.

  3. Admissions will open on the 25th of each month for the next month.  Students joining after 25th of a particular month can opt for AWE for the next month. Meaning – if you join on 26th of January, you have the option of enrolling for the month of December(1st to last day of December).

  4. Answers will only be accepted if posted on the website's comments section.

Review Deadlines 

The above system leads to questions being submitted in the last week of every month and we require time to wrap those up. Hence, we will not be posting any questions from the 27th of each month. The last few days will be exclusively reserved for clearing the backlog of reviews. 

We are committed to providing you reviews ASAP. Most reviews happen within 3-4 days of submitting the answers. However, we are aiming to wrap up reviews for questions posted during the week by that weekend. Eg. the question was posted on Tuesday and you submit your answer by Friday, then most likely your answer will be reviewed during that weekend. In case you submit your answers later than that, it will be reviewed during the month-end. 

 It is better to get a proper review than to get a quicker review. 

A good strategy is to submit answers for the day you join and keep attempting questions you have missed as you go along.

As you can see the focus of the program will not be on the quantity but the quality of questions, model answers, and reviews.

Do check out the difference between Mains Essential Program and Daily AWE Program


On a well-known site, the question on data localization has been asked 5 times in the last 2-3 months.

Let us further illustrate our point with an example:

Superfluous Questions from the well-known website

Q.) What do you understand by data localisation? Discuss the importance of data localisation for India and analyze India’s present and proposed policies related to data localisation with respect to their effectiveness?

Q.) The debate on data localisation must not be reduced to a simple binary of whether data localisation is good or bad. Comment.

Repeated - Q.) What do you understand by data localisation? Discuss the importance of data localisation for India and analyze India’s present and proposed policies related to data localisation with respect to their effectiveness?

Our Selected Question?

Q.) What do you understand by Data localization? Recently Draft Data protection bill and Draft E-commerce policy has recommended localisation of data. Can data localization help protect Indian national and economic interests?

Monthly Rs. 1k + taxes: Click2Join (bi-monthly payments accepted)