APSIP - GS1 [TS Only]


People behind the initiative

The programme is under the guidance of Sri K. Siddhartha, who will set the mindset, attitude and tone of the examiner as per the UPSC guidelines. He has over 20 years experience in teaching Earth Sciences, Life Sciences and Behavioural traits in India’s topmost institutes, and 15 years experience in training students for Civil Services. He has had a hand in mentoring 1401 students for IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS and other Civil Services in the past 18 years.

He will be ably supported by a team of distinctive experience:
Academic Head- Dr S. Mukherjee, Director ENSEMBLE
Chief Examiner- Dr Brajendra Narayan
Examiners- Dr Pandey ex UPSC examiner
Examiners-Dr A. Padmanabhan
Chief of Administration-DPS Rathore, Akhilesh Kumar

The Difference & Key features of the course (AWSIP - GS1)

The importance of GS1 Module can be gauged by the fact that it covers two most comprehensive themes of Prelims and Mains within its conception - History & Geography.

This needs academic, analytical and inter disciplinary approach both in revision and testing methodology and under the aegis of Sri K. Siddhartha, this course is designed and calibrated keeping in mind the recent asks of UPSC papers from 2013 onwards.

Key Highlights:
Develop command over the subject
Developing proper understanding of the questions.
Writing and expression empowerment.
Intra and Interdisciplinary approach.
Developing proper understanding of questions and stepwise requirement for writing true to UPSC nature questions.
Relevant coverage of Newspaper, Economic and Political weekly, Frontline, Yojna and Kurukshetra.
Mastery over handling questions of, Mains
A team of most Experienced faculty under the mentorship of K. Siddhartha, an Earth Scientist to offer you an opportunity to have a complete command of the aforesaid topics.

For details on the test time table, UPSC checking patterns, Click2download the study time table