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Indian Budget is an important document for all IAS aspirants. Many questions are repeatedly framed by UPSC - in Preliminary Exam and Main Exam - from the latest Union Budget. Questions are asked not only about budget terms/concepts but also about the latest statistics/trends mentioned in it.

Is learning Indian Budget a difficult exercise?

Even-though a highly important resource, Union Budget of India is not an easy document for anyone to learn and understand. The budget speech and related documents run into hundreds of pages – with a lot of announcements, statistics, tables, graphs, and other data.

The real problem for most aspirants is to understand the budget concepts and then apply the same in the latest budget.

For most readers, it will take many months of effort to properly understand the concepts and trends in the Union Budget. If you have only limited time with you (most IAS aspirants do not have the luxury of time to devote to a single resource), the best strategy would be to concentrate on resources which will make your learning easy and fast.

Learning the summary of Indian Budget 2020-2021 is now fast and easy!

What if you get an ebook which helps you cover the important findings of Indian Budget 2019-2020 in less than 1 hour? Indian Budget 2020-21 Summary by ClearIAS (PDF) is an e-book with focus given for easy-and-fast learning.

In fact, all main announcements and statistics of the latest Indian Budget can be finished in less than 1 hour!

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Learn the latest trends, statistics, and findings in Indian Budget 2020

This ebook (PDF) will help you learn budget concepts and details quickly. The book is prepared in slide-show format so that you can save a lot of time. Download now, and start learning the fundamental concepts!

The book is equally useful for beginners as well as veterans who can use it for revision before exams.

The book will be a handy resource for Prelims and Mains.

In UPSC Prelims, there are often questions connected with the latest trends mentioned in the Indian Budget.

In UPSC Mains, various schemes and statistics mentioned in Budget are directly tested. Also, knowledge of the Budget key terms will add a lot of value to your answer.

This ebook will provide you with the gist of Indian Budget 2020-2021 in PDF format (that too as a slide-show).

Indian Budget 2020-2021 Summary by ClearIAS

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