100 Important MCQs from India 2020 Year Book (PDF)

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India 2020 Year Book (published by the Publication Division, Government of India) is very important for aspirants preparing for UPSC Exams. This ebook (PDF) brings you 100 important questions from India 2020 in Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format.

Learn the latest trends and new schemes in India 2020 Year Book

In UPSC Prelims, there are often questions connected with the latest schemes and programs mentioned in the India 2020. Questions are also asked from static and current topics in different chapters of India 2020.

What if you get an ebook with most important MCQs from India 2020 in PDF format?

This ebook (PDF) will help you learn the important questions than can be framed from India 2020 quickly. The book is prepared in such a way that, you can save a lot of time. Download now, you can thank us later!

100 Important MCQs - Finish India 2020 Faster!

Pages - 110
Method - MCQs
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