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Learn all the basics of chess with chess openings; Smart attacking strategies and defending strategies; Checkmate patterns in Chess and other defeating techniques; Ensures a profound understanding of the game of chess.

Chess is a board game full of tactics and strategies that acts as the mind's gymnasium which in turn will enhance the development of your perspective, creativity, memory and focus. This course is for those who are not just willing to learn the basics of this incredible board game but also master the same. In this course, the students will be taught to strategize and form their own smart tactics which will not just help them in competing but also develop their mind strength. This course is divided into 4 parts: The introductory section - covers the basics; The game-opening techniques and smart strategies; Sharp game moves - defensive and aggressive; Checkmate techniques for game closure. All in all, this course ensures to give the student a strong foundation of the various strategies to be implemented in this game along with the tactics to outplay the other player's strategies and various defeating moves. It will help you understand and enjoy the game of chess.