Learn Craft

₹ 3,750

Mode of classes
Live Interactive sessions via Zoom platform.

In today's challenging times, where even kids have to meet up deadlines for submission of their task, they too undergo stress.
So to overcome these stress and help kids to utilize their energy in right direction craft can be introduced to them.

Pre requisite: enthusiasm to learn paper art.

Requirements: Origami papers, A3 size papers, design paper, white paper, newspaper, clue, scissors, scale, marker.

Course Outcome:
•Helps to gain confidence.
•Helps to overcome stress.
•Instills pride
•Helps in creating their own complicated designs
•Helps to keep a child away from TV and mobiles.
•Develops the Quality of thinking.
•Helps to create models.
•Indirectly helps a child to pursue careers in engineering, designing professions.
•Girls can make their own ornament matching to their dress.
•Helps save money by making things on their own rather then buying.