Learn to practically become an entrepreneur in 8 hrs- for Children 10+

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Take online live course on entrepreneurship from your home.

Learn how to become an entrepreneur in 8 hrs

To be a successful entrepreneur, one must have great and innovative products/services. Other factors that influence success are useless without them. The great thing is the process of making a great product/service can be learned. Therefore entrepreneurship can be taught.

Topics to be covered
-Spirit of entrepreneurship
-Idea Pitch and Team Formation
-What Can You Do For Your Customer
-Primary Market Research
-How to Build a Great Product
-Defining Target Customer
-Entrepreneurial Marketing
-Goto Market
-Entrepreneurial Leadership & Culture
-What Investors Look for in Startups
-Business Model
-Team Presentations with Judges
-Financial Literacy
-Celebration and Guest Speaker
-Awarding of Certificates
-Program Concludes

Package Includes for the 1st 10 participants only/-
+3 Months Subscription of oll.co
+3 Yrs Whizjuniors.com Annual Subscription (details imojo.in/1dgz2yk)

PS: Once you book via the below link a Learning Buddy will be assigned within 24 hrs they will guide you ahead