BSR's CopyWriting Mastery

₹ 999

This Copywriting course will help you get the basic information about copywriting and will also share with you about how you can become a highly paid copywriter.

In this course you will learn:
1. Fundamentals of Pursuasive Copywriting
2. Copywriting Tips and Tricks
3.Tools to help you improve your copywriting skills

You can check the entire curriculam by clicking on this link -

1. No copywriting experience required.
2. No need to be a copywriter. Actually, it's better if you are not, as you don't have any preconceived opinions on the topic. This is a copywriting one-on-one course
3. You should be able to use a PC or Mac computer at a beginner level. My Copywriting course is easy to learn.


Who this course is for:
1. Best copywriting course for novice copywriters. Ultimate edition 2017.
2. Anyone who tried other copywriting courses that only focused on copywriting skills. NO MARKETING INTEGRATION, NO AUTOMATION to sell your services.
3. Anyone who wants to use copywriting to make a six figure income working from home.
4. Are you a Copywriter? Do you want to boost your sales, improve your service's productivity, cut costs, save time, track your prospect clients, and grow your business at lightning speed? Then, check this out, you will be happy you did!
5. This course is for anyone who wants to become financially FREE with my COPYWRITING + MARKETING + AUTOMATION formula.
6. Anyone who wants to work from home and make money online.
7. Do you want to become your own boss? Now you can! My copywriting course will help you achieve your goal.
8. Start-up companies and freelancers wanting to make money right from the start.
9. Copywriters, web designers, and marketers who want to AUTOMATE THEIR ENTIRE BUSINESS and turn it into a money-making machine.

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