BSR's Discover Your Vision Residential

₹ 51,000

We are glad to share with you about our upcoming leadership development program

DISCOVER YOUR VISION by Bhupendra Singh Rathore (BSR).

This is a Signature program of BSR , which means everything is unique, well researched and designed to ensure maximum ROI.

This is an incredibly powerful program and till date whoever has attended has experienced huge breakthroughs in their businesses , professional and personal life.

Event Details :

This workshop is a 3 days residential workshop and will be held on 18th July to 20th July 2021 at ** Della Resort Lonavala Near Pune**

This program will cover the following things:

  1. Why Vision is Important
  2. What visionaries did to this world
  3. Why you should become a visionary
  4. What is Vision – a clear understanding
  5. The Process – how to discover your vision, values & purpose
  6. The End Result – You will have your blueprint for future once you finish this two days workshop.

Benefits to the participants: This program will help participants

  1. Get maximum clarity about their future
  2. Get maximum ROI
  3. Will help them understand how successful companies and organizations are build
  4. Help them understand the power of vision and how visionaries can transform live
  5. This will help them understand that VISION can never be about materialistic things
  6. Understand the detailed process of Discovering the Vision
  7. Reach to their peak performance in both personal and professional life
  8. Remain enthusiastic for the rest of the life
  9. Discover a bigger reason to do what they are busy doing
  10. Understand what are the most important things in their life
  11. Discover their inner self
  12. Sharpening their decision making and leadership skills
  13. Take more risks
  14. Be proactive & take more ownership.
  15. And much much much much much…….more………………

Contact : Team BSR 9667674477

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Look forward to have you & some of the leaders from your organization to this program.