BSR's Public Speaking Academy

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₹ 2,400

International Motivational speaker Mr. Bhupendra Singh Rathore (BSR)

This program will enable you to:
• Rock meetings and presentations in your office like a pro
• Become the centre of attention of all parties and gatherings
• Excel in debates, interviews and extempore forums
• Grow your business by enhancing your communication and hence dealing with customers.
• Become the most loved leader/Boss by inspiring your fellow members
• Improve your social connections by being a better communicator

Investment - Rs. 2400
Please feel free to call on 9667674477......for any clarifications.

Think for a while - how would your life be if you become one of the best speakers in your company or community?

Note : You Also Have 7 Days Money Back Guarantee From The Date of Purchase

For More Info please call on 9667674477