Online time table generation system in PHP

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This is a PHP project. You can use as a College project.
This file includes All the project files, Databases, Documentations.
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Time Table Generator is a web-based application which guides you through timetable management System.

Even though most college administrative work has been computerized, the lecture timetable scheduling is still mostly done manually due to its inherent difficulties. The manual lecture-timetable scheduling demands considerable time and efforts. The lecture-timetable scheduling is a Constraint satisfaction problem in which we find a solution that satisfies the given set of constraints.A college timetable is a temporal arrangement of a set of lectures and classrooms in which all given constraints are satisfied. Creating such timetables manually is a complex and time-consuming process. By automating this process with computer-assisted timetable generator can save a lot of precious time for administrators who are involved in creating and managing course timetables.

Since every college has its own timetabling problem, the commercially available software packages may not suit the need of every college. Hence we have developed a practical approach for building lecture course timetabling system, which can be customized to fit to any colleges timetabling problem.The college lecture-timetabling problem asks us to find some time slots and classrooms which satisfy the constraints imposed on offer.

The proposed system is a website, which allows the student a good user interface also it provides a good user interface to admin & faculties, and they can easily get the required information. The website provides a variety of facilities to students, admin and faculties. 

System Actors/users

Admin: The page requires user id and password to start the application. Login is a process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identifying and authenticating the user through the cardinalities presented by the user. Admin can add or delete the category, subcategory etc.

Teacher: Staff can register by admin. The staff have to log in to get more information about the time schedule Dashboard.

Student: Student can register the account by clicking on new register. He/she can add the account for the various Courses. The student has to login to get more information about the time schedule.