Best of Tech 2020 Research Report

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Best of Tech by Coeus Age is a research led initiative to keep a track of technology evolution in the government sector and build a discourse on how emerging technologies can be meaningfully adopted and harnessed. The first research was conducted in 2019 when the setting of the trio of automation, analytics and autonomy was discovered.

The research has been repeated in 2020 again, making it an annual exercise. Best of Tech 2021 research was undertaken with the core objective of mapping the current footprints of technologies in the government sector and the future evolution that is likely to happen over a period of next 12 to 18 months.

The research was conducted as -
1. A survey of 65 government tech leaders to get a sense of what is their future focus. This can
be termed as a broad-based voice.
2. A detailed analysis of 35 path breaking eGovernance projects that are mainstream today.
Extensive data on project history, technological evolution, technologies deployed, and future was collected, analysed and decoded for insights.