16 Business Secrets

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One of the most exciting emotions in this world would be when you take a step forward to become an Entrepreneur and start your own business which you'd proudly call a Startup!

Equally exciting is your passion of taking your business to the next level if you are already running one! But to make these happen, what are the right steps you must be taking? What are the minefields you must watch out for?

In 16 BUSINESS SECRETS, Sathyanarayana VR pours out his decades of experience into a compact, easily understandable guide for every entrepreneur with million dreams in his/her eyes, and also for the passionate business owners who have already set on a journey to explore more!

From maintaining enthusiasm levels in your business to working on Research and development, from making your employees efficient to turning your customers into brand ambassadors, from maintaining proper documents to designing new ideas, Sathyanarayana discusses the whole map of running a successful business, and he would like to call it GPS for successful business! Full of analogies, anecdotes, practical wisdom and important takeaways, 16 BUSINESS SECRETS is a definitive book on the subject which reflects passion!