CoolBrains 3 months guidance for Futures Trading ( Subject to Adherence of Term and Conditions * )

₹ 22,000


  • Expect 2-4 Positional Calls in a month.

  • All updates are sent through email + sms.

  • "PCSC" Patience + Capital Management + Strategies + Conviction is our trading mantra.

  • Derivative ( Futures and Options ) instruments have very High Risk, where losses are not only restricted to the capital / margin and may exceed much beyond capital / margin amount. Hence you are advised to trade with only 1 lot and maintain a capital of 6 to 8 lacs.

  • If you choose this service which is Trading in Derivatives or Futures & Options Advisory Services of Sokhi Team / CoolBrains, your Risk Profile is " GROWTH ". This means an investor who is comfortable with a higher level of Volatility & risk in order to achieve potentially higher returns. Capital security is secondary to potential wealth accumulation in such case. As a High Growth Portfolio Investor, you might expect your portfolio to be allocated mostly in growth assets.

  • You can see and understand Various Risk Profiles here

  • If you are not sure and have doubts regarding your Risk Profile Call us at +919239176426 before proceeding for payment.

  • Once you have completed the Payment, Make sure you have also filled the KYC Form and Accepted your Risk Profile as GROWTH to complete the registration process and commencement of your services. To review the form follow this link :

  • Your Service will start once you have completed the above process.

  • Our Charges is inclusive of GST @ 18% ( GST No. 19BEDPS8049M1ZO )

  • We are not Magicians who will make your Rich Overnight / We never Promise or Guarantee any Unreasonable returns in stock market, we are just a team of hardworking individuals who are sincere, committed and authentic in our research and approach to trading. Join us only if you are mature enough to understand the risk associated with financial markets.

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