Mutsin And the Caterpillar

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Mutsin And the Caterpillar is a story that highlights how a young girl named Mutsin, who lives in the Nilgiri Hills, tries to understand natural processes and live in peaceful co-existence with the rhythms of the natural world. It also includes a carefully shaped about consent and permission. The character names celebrate their intrinsic Indian-ness, with an element of fun!

For immersive reading experience, for your child, you can access the audio role play book with a fantastic voice cast of professional stage actors of Mutsin and the Catepillar on our soon to be launched app Crea-Play.


The Crea-Shakthi publication wing, true to its roots, sticks to play script format with free audio access as well. This helps create an environment for children to take to role playing for better cognitive, social, language and physical environment. Stories are original and field-tested with great characters. This is perfect for teachers, story-tellers or parents to facilitate story world come alive for their children.