Eggless Swiss Meringue Buttercream ( Only Recipe Booklet )

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****All ingredients are given in gram measurements. No equivalent Cup or Tsp measurements is/will be provided. ****

The recipes given in our e-books are perfect, tried and tested multiple times. But sadly every oven/OTG/microwave is different. Also, your bakeware/utensils might be different. Although we have made sure to mention every small detail in the E-Book, at the end of the day you have to experiment in your home oven to make them perfect for oven & bake wares.

The reason we are able to provide you with such brilliant tried and tested recipes at such a small cost is that it doesn't include the extensive after-support that we provide for our online courses. Ofcourse if you have any questions regarding the recipe provided you can email us at

Get the Recipe of how to make the eggless swiss meringue frosting.

3 flavour variations: Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon.

Guide to making the perfect consistency aquafaba at home at very little cost everytime.

Guide on ingredients & equipment sourcing
This is text only recipe booklet with no access to either Baking Lab or Students Facebook group unless you have already purchased an online/physical course.
All ingredients are given in gram measurements. No equivalent cup or tsp measurements is/will be provided.

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