February 3rd Week Current Affairs 2021 Hindi & English with Explanation

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Questions are very Informative Check the 2 Sample Below-
Name the Tokyo Olympics chief who resigned after sexist remarks?
टोक्यो ओलंपिक प्रमुख का नाम बताइए जिन्होंने सेक्सिस्ट टिप्पणी के बाद इस्तीफा दे दिया?
a. Shinzo Abe
b. Yoshiro Mori
c. Yoshihide Suga
d. Seiko Hashimoto

Ans. Yoshihide Suga
Related Imp Points
 Tokyo 2020 Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori resigned and apologised again for sexist remarks that sparked a global outcry, leaving the troubled Olympics searching for a chief five months from the opening ceremony.
 Mori sparked a furore when he said during an Olympic committee meeting this month that women talk too much.

Name the former European Central Bank Chief who has sworn in as Italy’s new Prime Minister?
इटली के नए प्रधानमंत्री के रूप में शपथ लेने वाले पूर्व यूरोपीय सेंट्रल बैंक प्रमुख का नाम बताइए?
a. Mario Draghi
b. Giuseppe Conte
c. Sergio Mattarella
d. Christine Lagarde

Ans. Mario Draghi
Related Imp Points
 Draghi was invited by Italian President Sergio Mattarella to form a government of national unity, following the resignation of Giuseppe Conte.
 Draghi has the support of a rainbow coalition ranging from leftists to Matteo Salvini's far-right League. It includes the populist Five Star Movement (M5S), the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) and Italia Viva.
 Capital : Rome
 Currency : Euro