CSCW Galvin G8 multi surface cleaner

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Galvin G8 multi surface cleaner : Galvin G8 multi surface cleaner is uniquely formulated for removing stubborn spots, build ups, scuff marks, rubber masks, soap scum, paint, ink or rust marks or any type of sticky dirt without scratching the surface.

Directions to use-
Gavin G8 is ready to use. Dispense a small quantity onto a suitable scrubbing pad/microfiber cloth. Scrub the surface thoroughly to loosen soil. Rinse thoroughly with water and polish dry with a soft cloth.

Item Code-Galvin G8
State/ Form- Powder
Packaging Size- 500gms
Colour- White
Use on porcelain, ceramic(bathroom tiles or floor tiles), stainless steel, chrome and other surfaces. It is best for cleaning and shining most types of metal hardware including kitchen sinks, chrome car rims, steel water taps, etc.