Working in Australias a Dentist/Dental Specialist (For Overseas Dentist)

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Working in Australias a Dentist/Dental Specialist (For Overseas Dentist)

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For a decade and more, Australia has been one of the most sought-after destinations for overseas dentists to establish their professional career as a dentist. Even if there is a continuous buzz regarding the increasing saturation, cost of ADC Exams and long process to get qualified, every year an adequate amount of students strive their best (investing their time + resources + finance) to start a dental career in Australia.

Also, it's not a surprise, the majority of the overseas students trying to settle and work in Australia as a dentist is from Asian and South Asian countries. The biggest motivation is, of course, the quality of professional life and higher earning.

An average salary of a general dentist in Australia is $139,012. On a direct comparison, it is much more than the earning of most of the dentists in Asian/South Asian countries.

The main hurdle in working in Australia:

The dental degree obtained in an overseas country is not directly valid in Australia. What it means that, if you want to work in Australia as a Licensed dentist, then:

  1. You will need to go through an assessment process that formally checks & reviews your eligibility, dental subject knowledge and clinical expertise in dentistry. This assessment is undertaken by ADC (Australian Dental Council) in 3 stages. You need to pass all the 3 stages to qualify.

  2. Only after qualifying ADC, you can apply for the dentist license with DBA (Dental Board of Australia). DBA will review and make a final decision on your application for dentist license registration.

In this premium article, our goal is to explain all the steps and inner questions along with the official references so that you can have a complete initial understanding of the entire process - how to work as a dentist in Australia.

  1. The various regulatory board in Australia that controls the process - AHPRA, DBA & ADC
  2. The COMPLETE VIDEO overview of the process before you read the article. The video will provide you the initial information and points that are crucial in the ADC process.
  3. Whats is ICHC (International Criminal History Record)?
  4. VISA related important points - for giving exam and working in Australia
  5. What are the various stages of ADC (Australian Dental Council) Exams?
  6. ADC - Initial Assessment Details
  7. ADC - Written Exam Details
  8. ADC - Practical Exam Details
  9. Question patterns of ADC Written & Practical Exams
  10. What to do, what not to do and what to bring to ADC Exams
  11. Steps to get Licensed as General Dentist
  12. Steps to get Licensed as Dental Specialist
  13. (Points 11, 12) - What is the next step once you complete your ADC Exams successfully?
  14. Financial Expense distribution of ADC Process + Financial Planning to start a career in Australia
  15. Cost of the entire License Registration process in Australia
  16. Complete financial guide, salary guide and how to search for dentist jobs in Australia
  17. Free 1200 Practice MCQs with answers + explanation

The premium article also includes

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  1. COMPLETE ANIMATED VIDEO (explaining all the steps).
  2. Financial Planner - to know about the expenses in the process
  3. Assessment Question Sets with answers.
  4. Articles to help you estimate the Cost of Living in Australia and setting a dental career.