Social Media Mastery Online Program

  • Start Date: Jan. 9, 2020, 7:30 p.m.
  • End Date: Dec. 31, 2020, 10 p.m.
  • Venue: Online.
₹ 18,999

How do I build my social media followers by using content marketing strategies?

How do I build a powerful brand on social media without spending money?

How do I understand which social media platform to use to reach my potential clients?

How does each social media platform work?

How can I charge Rs 1Lakh per client even when I am starting my career as a coach and a mentor?

These were some of the challenges I had when I was starting my journey in April 2018

It took me 18 months to not only solve these problems but here is what I could achieve by leveraging social media:

1Lakh+ followers (YouTube, LinkedIn, Insta & Facebook)

Made Rs. 33lakhs in my first campaign called “Passionpreneur Mastermind” without paying even 1 rupee for an Ad in June 2018

Became Best Selling Author of the book 80%Mindset 20%Skills and it started making over Rs 1Lakh everyone month without any ads. Till date, it makes over 30-40K per month without any ads! (only social media organic marketing)

Built my social media brand and charged Rs.3.5 Lakh for a 2-hour keynote

I was able to attract successful thought leaders like Ron Malhotra to partner with me and launched 1 Crore Coach program in India and made over Rs.60 lakhs within 4 months.

Became TEDx and JoshTalks speaker within 10 months of going full time as a Passionpreneur

Keyynote speeches at IIT Madras and IIM Ranchi

Got my first high paying international keynote speech at Nepal

Now, you must be thinking that Dev must be smart at all this and hence he could do it, right?


I just put the efforts to learn and test so many things until I truly understood the power of social media and its organic reach!

Lots of my mentees built their powerful brand on social media and signed up their new clients for Rs. 60K to Rs.1 Lakh within 8 months. For instance, Amol Karale, Yathiraj Agarwal, Shoma Ghosh, Sanmeet Kaur, Sandhya Bajaj, Kapil and Shilpa Kulshrestha, Suman Pachigulla, Archana Sedbale and many others!

Neither them or me are special.

I feel anyone can do what we have done in the last 18 months provided they spend time learning and doing it!

I realise that there are many coaches who are teaching how to run Ads on FB but very few people are sharing their knowledge around how to build social media brand without any ads!

I would like to address that and happy to share my secrets!

I charge Rs. 3.15 lakhs to my mentees to teach this and I know many can’t afford this hence I am going to make this available for only few people at an unbelievable price.

Instead of Rs 3.15 lakhs, I will offer a crazy discount of 94% off.....

Here is what I will cover:
How to identify your top social media platforms!
What content to create for which platform!
How to create content - Text, Video, Image, Audio!
How to distribute the content
How to have more views, comments and engagement on your posts
How to build a marketing strategy around social media
How to position yourself as an authority on social media within 3 to 6 months
Deep dive session on top 4 social media platforms to understand the specific strategy for each one - Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram...
How to automate the content distribution using tools like Hootsuite so that you can do whatever you like in your free time
Bonus class - How to leverage WhatsApp strategies for your business
And much much more!

5 full loaded sessions with practical execution ideas
Content creation and distribution principles and hacks
LinkedIn Mastery
Instagram Mastery
Facebook Mastery
YouTube Mastery
Bonus Class
and much more