AUM - A 40 day online meditation program

₹ 599

Welcome to AUM :)
This program is designed to help you let go and move from things/beliefs/situations that are no longer serving you a purpose and are in fact holding you back. And what makes this program different is that the meditations give you different kinds of ways and techniques to work on yourself - some will resonate more with you than the others. Use those techniques even after the program for whatever hurdles you face in life. That is the idea of AUM - you get the tools to be centred at all times. For some of you visual will work better, for some breath would, for some of you incidences would work better. I will be taking you through all these things one day at a time.
Also, as a note, please feel free to email me in case you want a certain aspect to be dealt with. Once you sign up , you will receive the 40 meditations numbered day wise along with write ups of what has to be done and how :)

A step by step set of meditations designed for:
Letting go
Health issues