Conversations – Chapter 1: An intimate showcase of 4 exquisite performances

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Conversations – Chapter 1
An intimate showcase of 4 exquisite performances

Conversations is an initiative by Dhurii to utilize art as a platform and medium to reach out to the audience with the Spoken and the In-Between. Each piece has been created to converse with the audience, to relate to something in their lives and to live it through us.

Our first chapter is on 7th March at Dhurii at 7 pm.
We have 4 amazing acts this time :

  1. Mirrors – a duet performed by Pushyank Nahar and Amitabh Srivastava, choreographed by Aastha Gulati
  2. A solo vocal and musical expression by Deepthi Bhaskar
  3. A contemporary theatrical duet by Atul Kumar and Maahi
  4. The Yin – a sharing by Gauri, Minoti, Supriya, and Praveena, choreographed by Aastha Gulati