Kalari by Raam Kumar: Weekend Intensive


24th & 25th Aug, 31st Aug & 1st Sep, 7th & 8th Sept, 9:30am - 11:00 am @ Dhurii, Bangalore

KALARIPAYATT, a martial art form that originated in North of Kerala, a south Indian state, is considered to be one of the oldest martial forms for combat in the world.

Kalarippayat, works on the principle of a spiritual balance of the mind and body and aims at finding a sense of flow and softness with one’s movement, constantly maintaining a relaxed spine and a strong base.
The workshop will include the movement vocabulary and basics of Kalarippayat which includes the leg exercises, animal postures and body sequences which eventually will help in increasing one’s Body facility, Articulation of Spine, Body Reactions, Balance, Agility, Breathe Control, Released movement flow and Neuromuscular Reflexes.