Prime Movers by Joshua Sailo: Weekend Intensive


31st Aug & 1st Sept, 5:00-6:30pm @ Dhurii, Bangalore

Prime Movers is a consolidated movement practice that emerged from the synthesis of various movement principles and methods that aims to build awareness of the body and access a dynamic range of embodied possibilities. This ever evolving method was devised by Joshua Sailo from his training and experience working with numerous choreographers, companies and practitioners to enhance the physical training as well as challenge the intellect and creativity of a dancer through playful compositional and theatrical tools.
Besides his active pursuit in learning various forms such as ballet, modern dance techniques, and his experience in new methods such as Streamflow, Fighting Monkey, Countertechnique and pilates, Joshua Sailo is a graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and holds an MA in Dance jointly awarded by Institute of the Arts Barcelona and Liverpool John Moores University where he got the necessary training and accreditation in pedagogy and anatomy.