Redikall Crystalline Mind – A one day certification workshop


24th Aug, Sunday – 9:00am to 5:00pm @ Dhurii, Bangalore

Charcoal and diamond share the same base element, and that is Carbon.
The difference between the diamond and the charcoal is ...
The arrangement and placement of the molecules of the essential element ‘Carbon’.
A scattered arrangement of the molecules in charcoal tends to absorb light and remain amorphous.

Organised molecules of diamond radiate light, makes it radiant, compact and tough.
Though as of now, a charcoal cannot be converted into a diamond, the mind can certainly be transformed from a Charcoal mindset to Crystalline/Diamond Mindset.

Are you ready for the transformation?

Announcing Omnipresence Academy of Life certified Redikall Crystalline Mind Workshop on 30th June, 930am to 5pm

A day full of understanding how to transition from a charcoal mindset to a crystalline one, using the R5 technique to break patterns and understanding the foundation to work with Chakras in the subsequent Essential Redikall course :)

Benefits of workshop:
- Gain insights into Theory of Mind and how the sub conscious mind works
- Learning the in-depth meaning of R5 and how it works
- Practising healing self and others
- Working on ailments, anxiety, fears and clarity on goals
- Support and mentoring