Somatic Movement workshop


Somatics is a system of slow, mindful movement. It improves the function of the nervous system, creating more ease and freedom within ourselves. Somatics teaches us to recognise and release holding patterns, resulting from pain, injury, stress or habituated posture.

This work enhances any kind or exercise such as a yoga, dance, sport or just moving through life. You will also learn a daily practice in order to maintain better flexibility, coordination, balance and wellness, resulting in a decrease of aches and pains commonly attributed to stress, injury and ageing. The word ‘soma’ refers to the living body, the body and mind together as one unit, and Somatics is the living body experienced from within. "Maggie presents on behalf of SoMagic, consultancy activity under LEAD, a Unit under the Auroville Foundation."

Dates: 30th, 31st Mar 2019
Venue: Dhurii