Toolbox-1.1: Contemporary Dance: Booking Fee


3 months
120 hours
8 teachers from across the country and beyond

Toolbox 1.1 - contemporary technique and training, the second edition, is a three month certification intensive program which is aimed to build upon movers and dancers who wish to deepen their contemporary practice. With some of the best teachers from across the country, the course has been designed to take the participants through the different genres of Contemporary movement with every teacher spending continuous days with the students so as to drill their vocabulary before the teacher changes.
The course runs from January to March and culminates into a showcase with the students.

Admissions are now open - so please reach us on <> or 9845705241 with your entries. Please also let us know your batch preferences and if there are any timing issues so we can try n work around it :)

This is the booking amount (INR 6000 + 18% GST).

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