Toolbox 2: Urban & HipHop: Booking amount


3 Months, 100 hrs of training with 7 teachers :

Toolbox 2.1 (second edition) is the second in series of intensive certification courses from Dhurii. This one focuses on Urban and Jazz forms with some of the best teachers from across the country. Each teacher will build in the necessary base and get into depths of techniques and choreography in their own styles including Urban, Jazz, Jazz on Heels etc. Basic body conditioning, coordination and control through Yoga is also covered.

Dates: June to Sept 2019

Admissions are now open - so please reach us on <> or 9845705241 with your entries.

Note: Amount quoted here is the booking amount + taxes. Remaining can be paid in 2 more installments (one at beginning and other, one month through the course)