Video Marketing Course

₹ 1,999

Day 1
1. Importance of Videos in Marketing
2. How to do video content plan?
3. How to write Script?
4. Basic Camera Framings
5. How to get over your fear of creating videos
6. Creating your first video

Day 1
1. Production hardware for beginners
2. Video editing in PC and mobile (post production)
3. Best Practices to Shoot videos from Mobile Camera
4. Basics of Lighting
5. Editing your first video

Day 2
1. Video editing lessons
2. Using interface to record audio externally
3. Using mobile to record audio externally
4. Basic audio editing
5. How to use Green Screen?

Day 2
1. Professional Live Streaming on YouTube
2. Adding right background music to video
3. Video editing for social media
4. Storytelling through videos
5. Screen recording in PC and Mobile
Day 3
1. Starting YouTube channel to promote our videos
2. YouTube best practices
3. Video editing session
4. Measuring the effectiveness of video marketing
5. Analytics for video marketing

Next Batch Sessions June 4th, 5th and 6th

Timings 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Call or WhatsApp at 9573439404 for details