Edge of Sanity (eBook) - How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship is not an easy game. There are so many challenges in the journey, and no one said it was easy to build a business. However, with certain base principles and fundamentals, the journey can be made easy.

Edge of Sanity is written from the personal experiences of Deepak Kanakaraju in trying to build his start-up company. The book explores topics like ethics, value creation, an entrepreneur’s mindset, personal health, productivity, marketing and more.

Entrepreneurship is hard and it drives many people to the edge of sanity. However, with good mentorship, advice, discipline, team and a long-term vision, anyone can succeed as an entrepreneur. This is a book that everyone should read before starting up a new business.

The chapters in this book are designed in such a way that one chapter can be read every day, and one can complete reading the book within a month. They are not necessarily in sequence, and can be read in any order.