How to Sell Real Estate Using Digital Marketing (eBook + Video Tutorials)

The following chapters are included in this version of the book:
  1. Introduction
  2. Branding Vs. Direct Response Marketing
  3. Your Marketing & Sales Funnel
  4. Tools to Drive Your Funnel
  5. Understanding Digital Ads
  6. How to Setup Google AdWords Ads (+Video Tutorial)
  7. How to Setup Facebook Ads (+Video Tutorial)
  8. How to Create High Converting Landing Pages (+Video Tutorial)
  9. Communication & Automation Tools (+Video Tutorial)
  10. Conclusion

And here are 2 of the many reviews I've got for this ebook:


"I read each and every line of the book and watched all the videos carefully. Actually I am in to doing digital marketing for real estate clients and also approached some of them. Practically faced some issues on how to deal with commercials, convince them on no.of leads and during initial discussion, handling tricky questions of clients without revealing trade secrets , same time am in to the process of researching tools for automating certain process also. Let me now declare Deepak Kanakaraju's Ebook is one stop shop which covers all the practical requirements of real estate digital marketing. Splendid Job." - Ramya Vijay

"This ebook is a crisp & clear description of end to end a digital marketing Campaign. It guides you thru step by step process of setting up campaign . It is a do-it -yourself kit...... highly appreciated." - Shankar Dhanashri