Product Launch Mastery Course

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Course content:


Introduction to information products
The two components of any successful product launch
The different types of information products and how they fit in the value ladder

Product creation:

How to identify the hot niches that are right for product creation
How to come up with the right information product ideas
The three-step approach to creating successful information products
How to create the concept and outline for your information product
How to research and develop your outline into a full-blown content
How to edit and finish the content creation step.


Building your email list - 1 - Why you need an email list? And what to do when you already have an email list.
Building your email list - 2 - The lead magnet - why you need, how to create, and what works
Building your email list - 3 - How to create your squeeze page
Building your email list - 4 - How to promote your lead magnet

Introduction to product launch:

What is a product launch and why you need one?
How to define the product launch goals?
What are the tools required for the launch?

Prepare for the launch:

How to write your email sequence?
How to write your sales page?
How to set up and test everything?


How to launch your information product?
How to analyze your launch?
What to do after the launch?
The up-sells and down-sells to maximize your revenue generation
How to launch using a webinar?
How to run an effective webinar?



Creating a new course in teachable
Creating high converting landing pages
Creating discount coupons and editing price
Daywise approach during an actual launch - how to review and optimize your ad campaigns according to the revenue generation.
Closing the offer
Closing the sales
And more