SEO Mastery Course [Instant Access to 3+ hours of training]

₹ 1,999

I'm excited to announce the launch of my SEO Mastery Course. I will be launching the course on March 19th and you can pre-order now at 50% off!

The following lessons and topics will be covered:

1 The Evolution of Search Engines
2 SEO vs. SEM - Which one is better
3 Keyword Research Basics - The Foundation of SEO
4 On Page SEO - Site Speed, AMP, Content, Images
5 Off Page SEO - Creating Backlinks and Brand Awareness
6 SEO Based Content Creation
7 Creating User Generated Content
8 Local SEO - How to Rank for Local Keywords
9 Structured Snippets - Review, Recipe, Rating Etc
10 Mastering Google Search Console
11 Advanced Keyword Research Tactics
12 Advanced SEO - How to Use
13 Advanced SEO - Using
14 Advanced SEO - Using
15 Advanced SEO - Using
16 Monetization Strategies with SEO Websites
17 YouTube and Video SEO
18 Mobile SEO
19 Listing a Google Business on Maps
20 How to Handle an SEO Client as a Consultant or Agency
21 Interviews
22 Case Studies