Subconscious Intelligence - It's all about Affirmation

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In these fast, ever-changing and modern times, we all look for that one powerful statement during that one crucial moment of the day when we are at our lowest energy levels and there is a thin line between sanity and insanity and between constructive behavior and destructive behavior. Now either we can plunge in a negative vortex with all the news and happenings around us or BOOM…. the right thought, word, affirmation for the exact state of our mind-body can prevent us from going into the black hole called DEPRESSION and the high vibrational vortex of positivity can create wonders, miracles and even prevent a breakdown and thus we can avoid major financial, personal, emotional, sexual, spiritual and professional losses or exploitation. That one AFFIRMATION can and does affect our consciousness and produces enough biological changes in our body to raise the levels of certain hormones and the resulting energy surge strengthens the immune system and the functioning of all our vital organs, especially the brain.

· Do YOU want to become Subconsciously Intelligent?

· Do YOU want to train your Subconscious Mind through Conscious Intelligence?

· Do YOU want to learn the language of the Subconscious Mind?

We may have conscious intelligence but our subconscious mind is never trained to get work done easily and effortlessly. Subconscious Mind has more than 95% power to govern human life. But we don’t know how to take the work from our Subconscious Mind. We need to learn to communicate with our Subconscious mind. Every waking moment of our mysterious life is filled with thoughts which word themselves into statements and become our personal mantras (affirmations – recurring thought patterns).

All the while we are repeating the same personal thoughts and converting them into words, actions, results and ultimately into our character and destiny and then we curse our fate for the cruel blows it delivered especially for us. And we wonder where we went wrong analysing the past and worrying about the future instead of just being and breathing in the present.

There are a total of 38 lessons which includes learnings about Affirmation for Health, Wealth, Relationship, Career & Workplace with assignments and video lessons for Redesign Your Life.


· Entrepreneurs

· Professionals

· Housewives

· Students

· Life Coaches

· Healers

· Councillors

· Teachers


· Understand all about affirmations

· Create affirmations for yourself and others

· Believe in yourself and others

· Develop a positive attitude towards work

· Use your creative imagination

· Implement efficient habits at work

· Make wise choices professionally

· Set and achieve goals in a time frame

· Be persistent in the career of your choice

· Live life as Master of Subconscious Mind in financial abundance

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