Authoritative Sales Leadership | All 3 Course Bundle

  • Start Date: Oct. 26, 2020, 4 p.m.
  • End Date: Nov. 20, 2020, 6 p.m.
  • Venue: This is a virtual event. The link to join the event will be shared with you.
₹ 19,999

Struggling to Generate Leads and Win Sales? Learn the Art of Authoritative Selling to Generate Appointments and Win Sales over Phone, Email, Linkedin and In-Person meetings.

Skills Taught : LeadGeneration through Phone & Email, Sales Qualification, Presentation, Negotiation, Objections Handling, Closing Techniques, Pipeline Management, Followups, Linkedin Selling, Tools.
Audience : Sales Professionals | Entrepreneurs | Freelancers | Consultants | Coaches
Proficiency : Beginner to Advance

What will you Learn?

  1. Lead Generation Specialist

👉Goal Setting & Building Business Development Plan using ATSPD Model for Lead Generation?
👉How to Build Ideal Customer Profile for Decision Makers and Influencers?
👉Identifying Top Sources for verified Customer Database and Contacts?
👉Identifying Best Tools for Automatic Prospective Customer Contacts List Building
👉Build Self-Introduction, Sales Script & Communication Framework using PSG Model
👉Strategies to Cross Reception & Gatekeepers who Stop you from Talking to Customers
👉Prospective Customer Objection Handling Framework using ADA Framework
👉Not Interested
👉Send Me an Email
👉Already using an Solution
👉Call me Next Week or Month
👉Creating Email Funnel to generate business enquiries.
👉Email Subject & body Writing Skills, Templates for Campaigns and followups.
👉Most effective Tools for Email Campaigns.
👉Building your Sales Funnel and Sales Process for Daily, Weekly & Monthly Followups
👉Top Productivity Tips to Manage Sales Pipeline and Increase more Customer

  1. Sales Growth Specialist

👉Why First Meeting/Call is Crucial and How to Prepare for it.
👉Position yourself as an Authority & Command Trust Adviser in First Meeting
👉How to uncover the full set of buyer needs and deal potential using RAMP Model.

👉How to re-enforce your Product Value using PSG and Storytelling model.

👉Top Pricing & Cheaper Competition Objections and Why Customer Raises those?
👉How to address these Objections with Encouraging Responses.
👉How to Create Value Proposition and Deliver Killer Sales Demos & Presentations.
👉Understanding Buyer's Psychology of Negotiations, Persuasion and Buying.
👉Strategies to justify Product Value over price & competition using 'Option Question'
👉Top Strategies to avoid price discounts and unreasonable demands from buyers.

👉Strategies to increase deal size multi-fold using up-selling & Cross-Selling.

👉Top Closing Techniques, Sales Pipeline Management, Sales Productivity Techniques.

  1. Social Selling Specialist

👉Goal Setting & Building Decision Maker Persona for Lead Generation on Linkedin
👉Setting up Linkedin Profile for Growing Linkedin Network
👉Importance of Linkedin Company and Showcase Pages in Lead Generation
👉Identify right Keywords used by Customers to Search for Companies & People
👉Optimize Linkedin Profile with Right Keywords & Messaging for Customer Searches.
👉How to Setup Linkedin Lead Magnet for converting Profile Visits to Enquiries
👉How to Find Connections to Grow Linkedin Network for Business Enquiries
👉How to use Linkedin Basic and/or Linkedin Sales Navigator to Generate enquiries.
👉How to Use Linkedin Posts & Articles to drive Views and Enquiries.
👉Free Tools to Create Linkedin Posts, Find Hot Topics, Popular Hastags
👉Top Linkedin Free & Paid Tools to automatically increase profile views, Connections and Business Enquiries.
👉How to run Linkedin Ads for more Connections, Post Reach or Enquiries Generation.
👉How to Measure Linkedin Efforts and Performance.

What will you Gain?

👉You will easily Generate Business Enquiries for any New Product or Market on any Platform.
👉Customers will be eager to talk to you and meet you.
👉You will easily make your Customers understand Product Value Proposition
👉You will easily showcase Product Unique Value against Cheaper Competition
👉Customer will happily Select your Product over Cheaper Competition
👉Customer will understand the Price-Value ratio and will not demand Heavy Discounts
👉You will strategically turn Discount Demands from Customer to your Advantage
👉You will be ready to grow deal size 2 or three times using Add-on Selling
👉You will be more productive at meeting Customers.

This Workshop is conducted by Mr. Amit Sharma [CEO Dishah Consultants]. Dishah has been awarded as Top Sales Consulting & Training Companies in India as awarded by
CR Magazine [2016]
GC Magazine[2019]
TheCEOStory Magazine[2020]

👉For more information about Trainer [Mr. Amit], please visit or his refer his Linkedin Profile here

Terms & Conditions
1) You will be provided access to Workshop Recording.
2) You will be offered Weekly Call Support Q&A related to Cold Calling
3) You can request for a refund anytime 48 hours before the event
4) No Refunds will be offered post event.

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