Mudflat Hiking - 2

  • Start Date: March 5, 2017, 5 a.m.
  • End Date: March 5, 2017, 8:30 p.m.
  • Venue: Bharuch Area, Gulf of Khambhat
₹ 1,570

Come join Mudflat Hiking with DivingDeep.

Experience hiking in Gulf area of Arabian Sea...

Explore the existing ecology and biodiversity of mangrove forests.

Make your connections stronger with your own body along with the unimaginable earth, soil and Mother Nature.

Daypack essentials of hiking and spend a day in the creeks, intertidal mudflats, seasonal freshwater shallow lakes, salt pans, saline land, mangrove scrub etc.

- Nature connection
- Mud hiking in coastal mudflats
- Understanding the labour of saltpans
- Interacting fisheries- visiting community
- Awareness for protecting coastlines surroundings
- Sightings & observing 'N' of number of birds, crabs, fishes and snakes
- Mangrove Safari

March 5, 2017

Bharuch area, gulf of Khambhat

Level of hiking:
Moderate with complex level of trail, though easy gradient.

Age group:
Anyone above 8 years

For Registration and more Information, Contact:
09824684886, 08487033925, 09925154797 |

INR ₹1570/-
(Which includes hiking & other activities, permissions, drinking water, meals, transportation, permissions and other execution charges)

About Mangroves:
Mangroves are one of the most productive ecosystems on this planet and are most important features of the coastal habitats. Known for their salt tolerant characteristics as well as other tangible and non-tangible benefits, the thick root network of mangroves proves to be an excellent bio-diversity habitat for varied marine life. The intricate root network of mangroves holds on to the soil tightly and effectively prevents soil erosion due to coastal events. Mangroves also function as stabilizers of sediment on the shoreline and protect the coasts from storm and salty wind. Mangrove forests are important nesting areas for the resident water birds as thousands visit them during summers and being protectors of the coast to providing a thriving ecosystem for countless species, mangroves definitely play multiple roles.

DivingDeep is all about diving deep within and without. Diving in the valleys, forests, mountain-peaks, seashores, grasslands, deserted landscapes or jungles. Diving inner self. In order to find truth inside as we step outside. Our explorations elevate the essence of art, culture, history, heritage, folklores, roots, values, wildlife, connections etc.

DivingDeep is attendant to "Leave No Trace" principles, ethics and outdoor codes. It is an effort to be responsible for better environment and stewardship. Know more about this, by asking conductors.

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