Tarnetar Hike | Sept 2

  • Start Date: Sept. 2, 2019, 5 a.m.
  • End Date: Sept. 2, 2019, 10 p.m.
  • Venue: Tarnetar Fair & Forest grassland near Tarnetar
₹ 1,570

Walk through ethnic umbrellas, mellow music, colourful costumes, community circles, traditional dance, local flea market-haat and various racial rites.

Let's gather for a day hiking at Tarnetar fair and at the forests near Tarnetar. This fair is held on the grounds of the temple of Triniteshwar Mahadev, which means "the three-eyed God." Experience Tarnetar fair on feet with a DivingDeep style.

This program is for anybody above 10 years of age.

Triniteshwar Temple ground- Tarnetar & Forest grassland near Tarnetar

September 2
(5 AM depart from Ahmedabad, 9 PM Arrive back)

5 AM, September 2, 2019
Outside Huber & Holly

(Includes breakfast, lunch, high-tea, Non-AC transportation, permissions, guide fees and other execution fees & taxes)

Contact us:
08487033925, 09824684886 | <divingdeep12@gmail.com>

You need to wear full-sleeve jersey/ shirt and hiking/ trek full pants (comfortable, breathable, not too lose fitting and strictly earthy/ dark/ camo coloured clothing for forest-hike). Strictly do not wear or carry jeans. You need to carry sturdy hiking shoes along with cotton/ sports material thick socks. Strictly do not wear or carry any kind of jewellery and ornaments during the program. Do not apply perfumes, sunscreen or any other lotions on your body during the program. You need to carry a hat/ cap and a bandana to cover face and scalp while in the sun. Also, do not carry any chemicals, hand-washers or sanitizers or soaps.
Strictly do not carry any food packets, chocolates, chewing gums, plastic bags or any other plastic material. Instead of food-packs, you may carry fruits/ veggies or lemons. You also need to carry your own trash bag. We are carrying a first-aid, glucose packs and snacks.
You need to carry plenty of water. Carry a tea flask/ mug. You may also follow the below checklist for daypacking.
Carrying any kind of liquor, tobacco products, cigarette, drugs or any other intoxicated stuff is STRICTLY prohibited.
· Proper fitting shoes (preferably high-top ones) and thick socks
· Pair of extra clothing and an extra pair of socks
· A thin towel
· Sun cap/ hat
· Rain jacket
· A thin cotton napkin/ scarf/ bandana
· Drinking water (at least 2 ltr per participant)

• DivingDeep reserves all rights of admission for all the camps/ events/ workshops/ other programmes.
• Participant(s)/ Guardians should understand the risks involved in any hiking, trekking, camping or adventure activity, before enrolling.
• In case of any injury, sickness, accident, death or any other casualty or loss or damage of valuables or luggage or any equipment; organizers, volunteers or experts or any other person involved wholly or partially, either individually or jointly with DivingDeep shall not be responsible in any manner for the same and no claims of participants, parents, guardians, relatives or friends of participants will be entertained.
• During the workshop/ camp/ trek/ any adventure activity conducted by DivingDeep, the participants shall abide by the instructions and decisions of the Management or authorized representative of DivingDeep.
• During the camps or treks or any adventure activity, the decision of authorized representative of DivingDeep shall be final and binding on all participants.
• If participant(s) is/ are found to disobey the directions/instructions of the authorized representative of DivingDeep, participant(s) shall themselves be liable for consequences faced.
• In the case of any medical ailments, disorders etc. of the participants, they will have to inform the organizers in advance at the time of registration for the workshop.
• Participant(s) is responsible to inform the representative of DivingDeep regarding and medical ailments and disorders etc. arising during the program should be informed to the organizers.
• Consumption of liquor, tobacco products, cigarette etc. is strictly prohibited.
• Participant(s) should follow eco-friendly behaviour and respect nature i.e. avoids destruction of the flora and fauna, avoid plastics in the places visited etc.
• DivingDeep reserves all rights to change the venue/ dates/schedule or cancel the events in certain critical instants. In such an event, DivingDeep reserves the rights to reimburse the amount to the participant.
• If required in certain treks/ workshops, the participants will have to take medical treatment from the doctor/ attendant available on the campsite or from the nearest available medical centre or hospital. The expenses for all medical treatment and arrangements for the same will be solely borne by the participant.
• Any incidental/additional expenses incurred during the camps shall be borne by the participants.
• The amount once paid is non-transferable to any other programme or to any other person.

DivingDeep is attendant to "Leave No Trace" principles and outdoor ethics. It is an effort to be responsible for a better environment and stewardship. We offer responsible hiking/ wilderness experience, for which DivingDeep and its conductors reserve the right to terminate participant with a no-refund policy for any unreasonable behaviour during the hike/ trek/ camp/ workshop/ event.
For cancellations of any hike/ trek/ camp/ excursion/ expedition/ workshop/ event:
- Cancellations prior to 10 days from the start of the hike/ trek date - 80% refund will be made.
- Cancellations prior to 5 days from the start of the hike/ trek date - 40% refund will be made.
- Cancellations less than 5 days from the start of the hike/ trek date - no refund will be given.
(For any cancellations we need to have written mail with specific reasons on our official account: divingdeep12@gmail.com. Cancellation requests are not at all accepted over the phone call. Cancellation refund will be carried out according to the refund policy, no medical reasons or any favours will be entertained. As per cancellation request, payment shall be done during any 6 working days post the trek/ hike/ event/ workshop.)